Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #13

Today I had the Service Engineer in to make sure my Vacuum Cleaner is going to be working well for the next year.  I also had breakfast of a brand mix Cereal, Almond milk and Pitta Bread with Olives.  I just ate earlier than I have been, I haven’t had breakfast for ages, its been Elevenses/Brunch.

Both of us are from the diaspora, one from the African Continent and the other the Caribbean, also both Christians.  The latter came up many times  but was rather clearly declared at the end of the conversation just because we were talking on inspirational and motivational matters and I have a poster of it.  Its amazing how a conversation starts with one topic and moves on and on to many.  The virtue of patience was one of them and you may know this story already but this is what came up.  Do you know which is the stronger?  Which of them can make a man take off his jacket

The Wind or the Sun.The wind blew and blew and blew so hard, turning this way and that way.  It got very rough and shook the man who held very tightly to his jacket even though he was on the ground.

The Sun then began to shine and slowly got hotter and hotter.  It was getting to the point of being quite intense.  The next thing that happened was the man took off his jacket.

The Winner is The Sun. Infact patience not noisy, rough or forcefulness won.

Oh, I wonder how many people talked about or plotted their family tree, discussed travelling to take their children to get to know the rest of their family both near and far?



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