‘The Jesus Symphony’ by Michel Montecrossa (audio & video)

‘The Jesus Symphony’ composed by Michel Montecrossa is a modern Christian Spiritual Symphony for electronic instruments, choir and solo chants in English and German language based on the Gospel of Thomas.
Michel Montecrossa’s profound ‘Jesus Symphony’ is dedicated to the life and message of Jesus. Michel Montecrossa has written the lyrics of the song-chants on the basis of the Gospel of Thomas. ‘The Jesus Symphony’ is performed by Michel Montecrossa and his Lightsound Orchestra. The vocals are performed in English and German by Michel Montecrossa.




Watch the video of the premiere of ‘The Jesus Symphony’ in the St. Martin Church in Lagerlechfeld (near Augsburg) in Germany on 14.11.2009

Overture: The Supreme Origin

The Life Giving Words • Die Leben Gebenden Worte

Michel Montecrossa about ‘The Jesus Symphony’:
“It is music of light and love in honour of the great Jesus.”

The Symphony is available on iTunes here and for photos of the premiere visit this post

The Tracks:

Overture: The Supreme Origin
The Life Giving Words • Die Leben Gebenden Worte
I Found Them All Drunk • Ich Fand Sie Alle Trunken
House Of Time
Be Passers-By • Seid Vorübergehende
The Glory Light
We Come From The Light • Wir Kommen Aus Dem Licht
The New Earth And Heaven
Near The Fire • Nahe Dem Feuer
Finale: World Of Truth, Peace And Love

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