Radical candidate

The Republican candidate in the White House race this year, Donald Trump is a radical candidate. He has radical ideas. His platform is radical.

Some Americans subscribe to this platform; but many Americans do not seem to buy it. It does not square with the values on which the American nation was founded.

I have followed reactions around the world and many people do not appreciate Mr. Trump’s radical views. Many think that if he became president the world would become more unsafe right on day one.

America is generally seen as the leader of the world; and many expect her to  go for bridge-building among people and nations not walls- building.

The path Mr Trump has taken is one that will make the US not only to be distrusted, but hated and isolated in the world.

A lot of those who are watching the unfolding of today’s business in the United Sates at a distance are comforted by the fact that many high level personalities in Mr. Trump’s party have distanced themselves from his campaign. This is reassuring; and an indication that this leader of the free world is still ready and able to assume leadership in advancing the values which the world most needs.

Mr. Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton has opted for a moderate approach; and it is very evident that the majority of right thinking Americans are on board her train.

Daily prompt: Radical.

6 thoughts on “Radical candidate

  1. I am so sorry to see that you have fallen for the rhetoric of the globalist elite. Mr. Trump’s ideas are far from radical. They are common sense personified. America cannot continue down the path of going ever deeper into debt and bailing out every country around the world when they run into trouble. Four more years of doubling our national debt will turn America into another Greece where the people want the government to supply everything while they contribute little or nothing. We have to get our country on a sound financial footing and stop the unchecked flow if illegal immigration, or we will no longer have a country. How these ideas can be considered radical I will never know. Please, please stop parroting this bogus narrative. You are only helping to destroy the America that you have so looked up to in the past.

    • I know I disappoint you Charles and feel bad to hurt you, but I just have to be honest. I see the world in danger and no voice that can contribute to save the situation should be left out. This is from an honest position. It is not just to stand on someone’s way but helping to save the world as I understand the situation. I hope you will be soft on me for this.

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