Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #18

Good morning and you are welcome to enjoy the Cornmeal Porridge with slices of Dessert Apple; Pumpkin Seeds and Dates with me.  This is my Elevenses today and oh, the weather has changed.  It poured and poured down with rain all through the night and there’s still some drizzle out there.

Just the time to catch up with family around the globe, it felt right so I did.  Since man started travelling from their original abode, we have had the chance to visit relatives and for them to visit us, we have read about this in the Bible, one example is when Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth.  Many stories from all cultures have examples of visits made by family and friends too.  Not only can we do this but in our hi-tech and digital world we can correspond or contact each other easily and quickly.  So call, text or contact a family or friend today. Let’s appreciate each other and have a quality time that’s well overdue.


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