A goodbye letter

My dear Leeky,

This letter will shock you; but I have no choice. I felt compelled to write it to let you know why I have acted as I have done.

You certainly will not like the decision I have taken but it is final. There is nothing either of us can do about it. You will never see me again and I will never see you again.

I know how my present decision will make you feel as you keep telling me you love me and will never live without me. I don’t believe you love me. You are a dishonest liar. If you were not dishonest, how would you say you loved me and still hit me as you always do, not twice, not thrice but all the times? Love is not words alone. Love is words and actions; and action speaks louder than words. You cannot tell me you love me but do things that show that you don’t love me. I have found that you are a hypocrite; a shameless liar. That is why by the time you find this letter, I shall be thousands of kilometers away from you and we’ll never see each other again.

Do well to look for someone you’ll be boxing every night in the name of love. I thank God for the time we shared together.

Best wishes and bye for ever.

Your one time sweet heart,

Boreen Beecher


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