Dance-Electronica Song ‘New Earth, New Sky’ by Mirakali (audio, video & lyrics)

‘New Earth, New Sky’ – Dance-Electronica Song  by Mirakali

Music, poetry, animations and movie by Mirakali, administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Filmaur Multimedia Germany; Drawings by Michel Montecrossa; Produced by Filmaur Multimedia @ 2014

New Earth, New Sky

A long time ago, aeons of time have passed since then,
a dream was born.
The dream that the earth can be the place
of heaven upon earth.
The dream of a new paradise.
New earth, new sky, new world, new life.

Our home is there in this world
of immortal love and eternal bliss.
Our goal is there in this world
of wideness and joy, of happiness and freedom,
intensity of soulful emotions.

The thirst for freedom is there, hunger for love,
longing for intensity of life and brightness of love.
Nothing will be the same when you look into the eyes of god.
Nothing will be the same
when you feel his fire of love in your heart.

Nothing will be the same
when you feel his touch in your soul
so near and intimate.
Nothing will be the same when you feel
his tender and strong embrace.

His love and touch fullfill your life.
Every heartbeat will be a heartbeat for him.
Every breath will be a breath to live together with him.
Every step will be a step towards him.

Every moment of your life will be fulfilled
with his nearness and the experience of him
in so many ways, so many forms,
in so many new expressions of love and bliss.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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