Let’s have fun; send me greetings from your country

I send you greetings
From Cameroon;
I send you greetings
From my country;
Do send me greetings
From your country!


51 thoughts on “Let’s have fun; send me greetings from your country

    • Thank you very much. Are there different languages in India or the people speak one language? In my country there are more than 350 different languages. Some people prefer to call them dialects. Please, extend my love to the loving people of India around you, in your family, office, and residential area. Tell them I do not know them but wish them the very best in all their undertakings.

    • You got it. That’s wonderful because many people in the Western world know very little about African countries. Some people think Africa is one country. Africa is many countries. When we find people in the Western world who know about Africa, we feel happy and like them more.

      • Britain fits twice into Cameroon, but much of the western world also have trouble with conservation of number when it comes to geography and cultures beyond their own sadly. It is painful to see humanity reduce its views on who we are and can be by being so exclusive.

        • Cameroon has a special and lasting relationship with Britain that comes from history. Some people are preaching exclusion or isolation. The world will never go back to that. It will mean going back to rivalry instead of cooperation. We are more and more a global village and need to know about other people.

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