Dance-Electronica song ‘Welcome To The Future’

‘Welcome To The Future’ – Dance-Electronica song by Michel Montecrossa

Michel Montecrossa says:
“Loyalty to the cause of the people and giving this cause a voice is the aim of my concerts. ‘Welcome To The Future’ sings of the struggle as well as of the joy of future building. The people want a happy future and that’s what I want too. In the songs I show my perspective of the way leading out of trouble into a future that will truly set us free and will end all the misery.”

Welcome To The Future

“This is a song about love and liberty.
A song about the future world’s key.”

Welcome to the future! Welcome to liberty!
Welcome to the future and the end of poverty!
No more hardship during childhood.
No more rape, no more slavery.

The free use, I say, of our liberty,
my friend, means also the settin’ free
of all the others, yes, all the others that are here
and of all mankind, not just you and me.

A lie is just a lie and no way to liberty.
Falsehood is falsehood and surely not the key.
The lesson of the past is teachin’ us somethin’ true.
Learn it and the past won’t come back on you.

I tell you, our life, yes, our life on earth
is a love poem, from heaven is its birth,
that we all are meant to translate into
earthly language and make it earthly true.

All our life is indeed the key
to discovering and becoming the great real.
In life itself, I say, there is the seed
of the good and the love that we all need.

Welcome to the future! Welcome to liberty!
Welcome to the future where we will see!
Welcome to the future that will set us free!
Welcome to the future and the end of all the misery!

“Welcome to the future, welcome …”

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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Welcome To The Future



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