Excellent World Crusade day 4

If you believe an excellent world is worthwhile, and that all hands are needed on deck for such a world, join this crusade. Say something, anything to add to the millions of positive ideas that are already filing the air in the world. Your voice is not small.Add your voice to other voices in the crusade for an excellent world.
Examples of things that you can say:
1. Let’s join hands and make the world an excellent place.
2. Working together is good;
3. Let’s build bridges not walls;
4. Let’s give peace a chance;
5. Let’s learn to tolerate others.
6. We are all human beings though we may differ in culture.
7. I love the people of Cameroon;
8. I love Americans;
9. I love Indians;
10. Best wishes to the people of Croatia etc, etc.

Be creative. We want positive thoughts and positive vibrations to fill the atmosphere and drive away negative vibrations.


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