Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #24

Good Day to you all.  After I finished tidying up my energy reserves seem to be depleted.  I tried doing some exercises, that didn’t help.  So an early Elevenses was call for, an Omelette with Wholemeal Seeded Toast, some Grapes and a Hot Lemon and Honey Drink.  The tiredness was still there, it was then I remembered that I was awake very early with a need to pray, to warfare.

It was a conscious decision to sit and rest, and at the same time to catch up on the two newspapers I had put aside to read.  Its been ages since I read one properly, I had indulged myself with the usual motions of flicking through the pages quickly but this time I’d rather take my your time to read cover to cover.  I ended up nodding off.

Sometimes there’s no use fighting off sleep. If you need a Siesta, do have one, you’ll find you feel better afterwards.


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