Big Thank You!

a big thank you

It is my greatest pleasure to be here in Your Success Inspirer as a member of Blogger Solidarity Society. My big thanks to Sir Ngobesing Romanus for sharing with me this space. I am overwhelmed and excited.

I used to thrive in my comfort zone, speaking unto myself and listening to my own thoughts. When I started my own blog I thought I would read it alone. But when I received the good feedback, I easily felt someone cares and shares his/her time. Slowly I opened my world to others and cautiously entered into their world too. I then realized it is not a threatening world after all. Truly, God will lead us to places where we could grow the most.

It is my heart’s grandest desire that others maybe inspired from the thoughts I share and from my journey as well; with all the victories and the heartbreaks. May God bless my purpose. The journey here is the start of it.

May we inspire and learn from each other.

You may view more of my posts at Thank you and wishing you well.



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