God’s yes God’s no Sometimes…

God’s yes God’s no
Sometimes God says yes
And sometimes God says no;
But whether God says yes or no
It is for your good;
God says yes,
When yes is what is best for you;
And God says no
When no is what is best for you;
To want that God must say yes
Is to fail to understand how God works;
Never feel bad when God says no to you;
Instead, celebrate it;
For He says no to all that is not best for you,
And only says yes to what is best for you.
What is best for you.

4 thoughts on “God’s yes God’s no Sometimes…

  1. When he says no… he’s got another Better opportunity for us… I have a firm belief… whatever happens, happens for good. We humans are too shortsighted to understand his motives. So best way is to surrender and let him guide

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