Gretchen Rubin to the Rescue of My Urgh Day

gretchen rubin to the recue of my urgh day

As I opened my window to look at the rays of sunrise up in the sky, I was sad to see nothing. The weather was windy. I should have been happy because it’s my favorite weather. But I did not feel any excitement. I took a short brisk walk to awaken my spirits. Nothing happened. My mood danced with the rhythm of the weather more when it rained a few minutes after. I gave up. One of those urgh days. Everybody has it at some point.

Some days I pretend I am alright and successfully managed to pull through. Today I doubt it if I could manage the day with this mood. But I am left with no choice than to live the life I am given today. Though it would take that much effort to even smile, smile must I.

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