Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #28

Whenever a new recipe is introduced there’s great excitement.  Lots of people want to know what the dish or product is like in taste, in content, in calories and in appearance. Some are not interested at first and their minds can be changed, while others won’t budge.  It is therefore the job of the person who created the recipe or a marketing company to find ways of getting potential customers to test and like the product.

It has happeneI to me, while out shopping, I have been offered foods to taste and on occasions have bought a jar or packet of something new  and on sale because I liked it.  Other times the introductory price makes it worth trying but I definitely won’t buy if it will be of no use to me.  I wonder how many recipes started off by someone making their Elevenses or Brunch? LOL

A Pitta Bread filled with Grilled Tomatoes, Omelette and Fresh Parsley.  I had a cup of Lemon Tea too.  We can be as simple or as creative with our Elevenses/Brunch as we want.


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