Smell so refreshing, yet old at the same time. Collated in a row for the amusement of the eyes; ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ they say; yet wishing they were all mine. 

Feel so soft, so gentle, yet powerful at the same time, ink on the pages ensure a new excitement, new journey, a new vision or frame of mind. 

Caressing the books gently, lifting one at a time, which can I choose to take home to be mine. 

Mind struggles to narrow for one or two; looking eagerly from left to right, hoping, searching; for clues. 

Heart sinks at the thought of abandoning any, I gaze, I adore, incase I lose interest in any, as time ticks away; I conclude, clutching the entire bundle, reassuring that it’s the right thing to do. 

Walking away with my new collection, eager to seep through, I won’t buy anymore I assure myself, it was the best thing to do. 

For all the book lovers.



14 thoughts on “Books 

    • I agree, the joy of owning you’re own personal copy can not be compared to a loaned copy.
      Books are a best friend indeed, that allow you to travel miles away, to exotic adventures and and even mysteries. Travels to far away lands, or enjoying a romantic, humorous or horror book. Each brings its own share of excitement and joy.

          • I love novels, and I apply the Christian who has good morals, and is not snooty. The comparison might be someone who has pride and arrogance, and calls herself a Christian. Each novel has mystery. You can survey what I’ve written on rubiedonovels. This is where I wrote the last one, which was 52,000 words by the time I finished. I haven’t had it published…I finished it.

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