An Answer You Don’t Want



Why do you write?
What is the need to write?
Your first book didn’t sell…!
You indulged in this nonsense once,
Now I won’t back you for another…!
Bickering. Bitterness.
Isn’t that a wonderful response your spouse gives you?
When you tell him of your dream.
When did we get so good at this?
Causing each other pain.


Unnecessary arguments they say…
Really? Is that really so?
Nobody is interested you say.
But how much interest do you show in my work?
Mostly insensitive and defensive
That’s how they are;
Our arguments.
Now the quarrels have lulled and grievances have been aired.
But the sting and snap of your words still remain.
Etched in my soul.


At argument’s end
I’m left with this muddy chasm
Of your malcontent
With the memory of your uncherished words
A spontaneous outburst;
Spoken in haste and anger;
Yet each so vividly demeaning,
Supported with vehement arguments.
My canvas is the same as yours; white with a solid surface.
Made to fill with shapes and patterns of varying sizes.


The only difference is that
You use more logic and practicality
And I…
I use color, dreams and words.


© All Rights Reserved.
©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  atrangizindagieksafar, 2016.

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14 thoughts on “An Answer You Don’t Want

  1. Life is not without challenges. It is how we face those challenges that tests our metal. Are we made of strong steel or just of clay? We must stay true to ourselves. We must not be afraid to express what we think and feel. With writing like this, you have great talent and potential. I hope you use that talent and potential to your advantage in the future.

    • I have also published my first work ( a science fiction novel) that has not led to success. People who have read it have really liked it, but I cannot get traction to get more readers. That does not mean that the writing is bad. It means that the marketing was unsuccessful. Competition is fierce for readers’ attention. We need to keep moving forward and find other ways to get our name and brand in front of wider audiences. That, however, should not stop us from writing.

      • Same is the case here… thank you for your inspiration and motivation. God is kind. He helps in his unique ways…. motivation and inspiration from a source never expected from a person unknown🙏 thank you for being there

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