Argument in marriage

There are some people who like argument
And some who do not;
Those who like arguments argue about just
Ever subject that comes up;
I do not like argument;
Arguments are not good for marriage;
When husband and wife start to argue daily,
Their marriage is headed for trouble;
As much as you can,
Avoid arguments with your spouse;
If dialogue starts to become an argument,
Drop it;
You can come to it later.
Let argument not be part of your marriage.

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18 thoughts on “Argument in marriage

  1. A marriage requires patience on both ends!
    I’d rather say what I have to say (in a respectful way, of course) than to bottle it up inside and be frustrated.

      • Absolutely! The way we communicate is not just by the words we say. It is what you are actually saying, what you mean to say, what the other person believes you’re saying, what they actually hear etc.
        We should always be respectful in how we try to express ourselves to our spouses…I believe we would like that favor to be returned.

  2. It’s very tempting to get that last word in, especially if you feel you’ve been wronged, but for the sake of keeping your marriage intact, arguments shouldn’t be the norm. Nice post!

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