Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #41

It’s amazing how technology has taken us so far ahead. Many years ago in my youthful days, I used to write to a pen pal in England and then wait for weeks and /or months for a reply.  Nowadays I write to more than a hundred followers plus any else who comes by to read my post and in a few seconds I can have a reply.

The ability to reach out and help each other no matter where we are has become so real.  However humanity must not lose touch with each other in real face to face interactions of kindness.  Strength has been gathered from our online bond and we are filled up and equipped to teach others to do right.

Bless these gifts I have O Lord, A Turkey Bacon Sandwich, Lentil Soup, Assorted Fruits and a cup of Tea, and those of all my friends too.



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