Trust again?

You ask me to forgive you;
You ask me to continue to trust you;
Well and fine;
To forgive is a good thing;
I want to forgive you;
But how hard it is;
The wound in my heart is deep;
I put all my trust in you;
I thought you were a brother;
A true fiend;
I opened all my heart
And poured all its content
In your care;
My most precious possession,
My sweetheart;
My nectar;
My honey;
My greatest treasure;
In full trust
I put in your hands;
To take care as I went abroad
For further studies;
Just to come home and find
She had become your wife;
Not my wife again;
You know how much I loved her;
You betrayed the trust I had in you;
You stabbed me on the back;
You stabbed me in my heart;
You gave me a deadly blow;
You killed me;
Yes, you ask me to forgive you;
Yes, we are called to forgive;
Yes, I know it is human to err;
But the wound is slow to heal;
Give me some time;
I may get over it someday;
And renew my trust in you;
But for now, it’s hard to trust again;
Very hard, indeed.

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