Urgent call

“Please, meet me in ten minutes! It’s urgent.”
That was the urgent call I had from my boss this morning. Indeed, the issue was actually very urgent.

Urgent work had to be done to save our establishment from great embarrassment. I did it. My boss knew I would do it. That was why he called me. I am considered more or less a specialist in handling urgent matters. Each time there is urgent work to do in my company, I am the one that my boss calls up to handle it.


35 thoughts on “Urgent call

  1. Aaaaah..
    you left us hanging… thinking ๐Ÿ’ญ you were going to say what was so urgent..

    But it’s a wonderful feeling to feel so needed.. and know that you are so dependable…
    I just hope your boss realizes your worthiness and your devoted loyalty..

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