American election rigged?

Wonders shall never end.
Can you imagine even for one moment
That an American election is rigged?
If an American election is rigged,
Then where are we?
We look up to them as the ideal.
If an American election is rigged,
Aren’t we finished?
They are our example
Of free and fair elections.
If an American election is rigged,
What a blow to democracy that would be?
They are the champions of democracy.
It is hard to believe
An American election can be rigged.
I am waiting to see;
No one knows;
Times have changed and like many people,
They may preach virtue but practice vice;
Wonders shall never end.


6 thoughts on “American election rigged?

  1. Considering that the Democratic Primary was rigged, would it be such a surprise if the General was? I’ve had nothing but love and respect for my southern neighbors my entire life, but even I started to worry when I read The Economist’s yearly Democracy Report (considered by many to be the Gold Standard) for 2015, and discovered that out of 178 countries in the UN, there are only 20 countries left that qualify as Full Democracies, a score of 8-10 out of 10 on their rating chart. The United States was in last place, 20th out of 20, with a score of 8.06. That probably indicates that with the rigged Primary this year, even without a rigged General, the US will lose enough marks that they will fall right out of the Full Democracy category into either Flawed Democracy (scores of 6-7.9), or if they lose too many marks, all the way into Hybrid Nations (scores of 4-5.9). It really is very sad, but 2016 could actually be the year that Democracy truly died in the USA (by at least some standards).


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