Should The Church Reflect Heaven

This post explores the question are our places of worship a reflection of heaven. I would love your comments.


13 thoughts on “Should The Church Reflect Heaven

  1. My opinions:

    To every religious person.. heaven is interpreted differently..

    What is heaven.. where is heaven..
    all is to do with the belief of the individual…

    We can’t determine if the church should reflect heaven..

    Yes .. we should be able to feel a spiritual fulfillment… in the house 🏑 of God..
    and feel his presence..
    but just like having a home 🏑 to go to after church.. heaven to me.. is another place away from the church..

  2. The church {the ekklesia} is the called out, those set apart. The question isn’t if a building, location, group should reflect heaven, rather the question should be are the called out ones a reflection of our Creator?(John 14) Are they recognized as disciples because of the love they have? (John 13) Is the called out reflecting the light into the world? (Matthew 5)

    The reflection of “heaven” is the followers of our Creator reflecting his light into the world on a daily basis – not in an enclosed building for “worship”…

    But I tend to see things from a different perspective πŸ˜‰

      • I was talking about the people of God called to serve the communities in which God has placed them. If the people of God don’t see themselves as a part of the universal church the default position is to see the building they worship in as their little private corner of the kingdom.

    • Oh yes indeed they see that building as their private corner of the kingdom indeed!!!

      And ah yes! Our creator has called his people to serve in the communities πŸ™‚ It’s interesting that we have divided the ekklesia into different categories – universal, local etc… That seems to be the starting point of folks compartmentalizing their lives into their “church” life. There is only one body (Ephesians 4) it is spread out all over the earth in various geographical locations but each location is a part of the same body… which always leads to the autonomy question thing LOL! How can we be autonomous locations but part of the same body? Which then gets us off the main topic of whether or not the ekklesia should be a reflection or not πŸ™‚

      Which is a fabulous question that you posed as it gets folks pondering what is the church? What is reflection? And what is heaven? ‘Thought provoking’ is a key component in getting closer to our Creator!

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