Banned from returning home

The man was banned from returning to his country because, as the authorities put it, he was a dangerous element and a threat to national peace.

The population was shocked by the ban, especially what he was being accused of. How would anyone dare to accuse him of jeopardizing the peace? He was generally seen as a very good man who had the concerns of the common people at heart.

However, it was easy to understand. Those in power were afraid of him. He was a courageous man and had made it clear he would be a candidate for the next presidential election which was imminent..

Banning strong potential candidates from returning to their country is nothing new in the world. It has happened many times in many countries; and done mostly by weak incumbent presidents who see it as an easy way to eliminate potential rivals and perpetuate themselves in power.

I hate such bans because they are dishonest, unlawful, unfair, unjust and a violation of human rights.

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