Our love is losing balance

Do you see that our love is dangling?
It is far from being balanced;
Our love is losing balance;
And if we don’t act
It may go off the rails;
Our love may have a plane crash;
Our love may crash land;
Our love is losing balance;
And my heart is losing balance too;
I don’t know what lies ahead;
Our love has to stop dangling;
And losing balance.
Something has to be done;
And fast too;
Else our love will crash land.


9 thoughts on “Our love is losing balance

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      • Yep… my hubby will agree with you… and me too… but like I said not cooperating does not mean you love the spouse any less…sometimes the issue is more important and a midway had to be found….I have been thru that many a times. Me and my husband are poles apart in our thinking. And I mean it. If I say east he’ll say west. If I say yes then he’ll say no. If say there’s chili in food he finds it perfect. If he finds more salt in good I find it perfect. I give and don’t expect anything in return. He gives and expects person to return favour

  2. Romilia Quotes 38

    “The smile that you put on another one’s face will return to you. The tears that you cause another will be caused to you. Beware of what you do to another. It will return to you a hundredfold.”
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