Who can predict?

Who can predict?
Who can say who will win?
Will it be Trump?
Or will it be Hillary?
Will it still be a man?
Or a woman will have
A chance this time?
It’s just hours away:
Tell me what you think;
Tell me what you foresee;
Tell me who you think will win:
And if you cannot guess,
Tell me who you like to win.
Should women have a chance
To show what they can do?
Or men should continue
To dominate
While the world sings
Gender equality?


8 thoughts on “Who can predict?

  1. If only it was possible, I would have loved to see Obama in White House. But not every wish comes true, so this time Hillary Clinton should be given a chance. Also, if ObamaS are supporting Clinton, then there must be a strong reason behind it. And I trust them for their choices too.
    *I am not a US citizen*

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