American Election

I think everyone today is either happy or sad or scared. I think everyone is So Glad that the Presidential election is over even if their candidate of choice didn’t win. I did not stay up to find out. I found out this morning and was very surprised.

I watched both candidates’ speeches as well as the President’s. I think both candidates were quite gracious to one another.

I won’t say who I voted for.

I did cry when I heard Hillary’s speech. I would like to think that when she was young and idealistic and was just beginning her life she really had good intentions. I think that she gave all she could to America. The scandals that have swirled around her for years and years have tainted me a little toward her but at the heart of it, I want to think that she really does care about families and children.

I cried because I thought of how she was mistreated by her husband while she was The First Lady. I cried remembering how determined she was when we she became a Senator. I cried when remembering how she lost the first election she ran in. Losing twice must have been heart breaking.

I was not thinking of the country, I was thinking of Her. No matter what she has or has not done, she is still a person who has traveled the country and the world advocating for women and children and families.

I don’t know if she will stay in politics. I don’t know if that’s in her nature. I do hope she takes some time for herself to heal as well as enjoy her daughter and grandchildren. The past year and a half must have been grueling for her. I pray for peace for her….


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