US: is the 2016 election result final already?

I wish to be enlightened on the American electoral system. Is the result of the 2016 presidential election final? Isn’t the electoral college going to sit and pass the final vote? And can the unexpected happen just as it happened on November 8? I am just thinking aloud.

It looks like many people are going faster than the system in their conclusions. Are the delegates obliged to vote for the person who carried their state? Who officially proclaims the result of the election? Has that been done?

Secondly, something worries me about this election. I have followed US elections closely since the time of Jimmy Carter and cannot recall when the polls went wrong as it happened this time around. What then went wrong? I think Americans need to look more closely at this issue. How could the polls go so wrong? It doesn’t look to me like the chapter is closed on the results of the 2016 presidential election. Do those celebrating not need to do so with caution. In America, it looks like you never can say.


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