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I was at the grocery store on one of my days off and saw a lady that I sometimes work with. She is five years older than me. (gasp!!) She works for money sometimes and sometimes for wine. We were just exchanging pleasantries and then all of a sudden we discovered that we live so […]

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  1. My Dad told me “D most richest men in the world were not born rich….. All we have to do is to be Happy and always be thankful for the little”… Time Flies they said but to me “it doesn’t only fly, it flies with impact”. Riches, Comfort, Peace, Happiness are not in living big but living small with a fulfilled heart.
    A fulfilled heart in the sense that we are always with sound health, with our love ones, and with three square meal…. To me there is no greater joy with all these things I just mentioned….
    I love your friend because the impact that time left in her heart she didn’t neglect them….
    Thanks for sharing with us….
    Lots of love from Prinxy

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