Today’s prompt is liminal;
I have never before seen the word liminal;
This is the first time I hear about liminal;
I want someone to define to me liminal;
So that I may know one new word called liminal.
Do you know the word liminal?
Tell me what is meant by liminal.
What do we mean when we say liminal?
Make a sentence with the word liminal.

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11 thoughts on “Liminal

  1. “The loss of my first ten pounds was liminal to my ultimate goal of shedding 40 total pounds.” Interesting the local spell checker doesn’t recognize ‘liminal’. I remember seeing the word used in a couple of college biochem courses; it was describing the process of specific enzyme catalyzed reactions.

  2. The word liminal refers to the boundary or edge between one state and another. It is a fluid space. The word is usually used to describe the veil between the visible and the invisible worlds. 🙂

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