Listen to one another!

The most problems we are facing in our families and life entirely is mainly; lack of listening ears.

To make a happy family, we must learn to listen to one another, Husbands listen to your wives, Wives listen to your husbands, Children listen to your parents, Parents listen to your children. 

That’s certainly how it goes to become a great and an ideal family. 
Sometimes we seem to shun some of others statements and opinions/contributions, which is very bad. Remember this! “In any Nonsense, there is sense.” Let’s always bear it in mind that we all reason in different perspectives which doesn’t guarantee us the best opinionated person. So we should always give room for people to contribute, maybe that opinion you neglected might be the best option.

A man was having meal with his family and suddenly their little kid started calling daddy daddy and was about to say something, but his father refused him to say anything instead he Scolded him of trying to speak while eating. After the meal; the father now say, son what were you trying to say the other time? He said, father I wanted to stop you from eating a very big fly I saw on your food, but you avoided me from saying it. His father felt disappointed for not allowing him to speak, there was nothing more to do about that, but what if it was a poison or a deadly fly? What would have been their fate? Who was to be blame for the disaster that might struck? The father? The Son? 

“Talk less and listen more.” With that we will have a happy home which everyone will contribute to the growth of the family. Note this! Your status as a father or as a leader won’t change just because of the fact that you abide with another person’s opinion; instead, it will make a great impact in moving forward. Remember that, Presidents usually have personal advisors which always contribute in one way or the other in other to move the country forward.

If you haven’t been listening, start today and your family and life will always full with right decisions.

Always know that Bursh cares and loves you so much.

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