Are you ignorant of doing the right thing?

“It’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission.” 

Sometimes you have to be forceful, to do what’s necessary. It’s not about abusing situations but about knowing when to push the boundaries, taking responsibility for a decision, to go ahead and do what you feel is right. Your integrity depends on that. If it turns out you were wrong, then apologize.

At times we tend to do something right but always wanted to get a go ahead permission. Some people do act foolishly at times when it comes to consider things like that. When you know the right thing to do; I don’t think it’s necessary to begin to ask questions. I always say; “What ever you’re doing just make sure you do the right thing no matter what people might think of you.” 

Though, some people will be expecting you to ask for permission before doing what is right, but what if the person wasn’t available for you to take the permission, what would you do? Allow things to remain how they’re? or being ignorant of the truth with the fear of not offending the one on the top? 

Go ahead and do it; the only thing you have to prepare ahead is apology. ” That’s why it’s better to apologise than waiting for permission when you know the right thing to do.”

Some people will ask; what if that decision wasn’t actually the right decision, but seems to be right only on your side; what would you do? Then ask for forgiveness, at least you have no bad intentions from the onset. 

Learn how to control and manage situations when necessary, don’t wait for someone to impose you on during the right thing all the time, especially when you definitely know it’s right thing to do. Remember this! It will earn you: integrity, respect, recognition and indeed outstanding reputation. 

Bursh cares

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