Obstacles? Clear them!

You will find them on your path;
You will find them everywhere;
You will find them as you struggle
To make it in life;
Many, many they will be;
And may be mild or overwhelm;
Some from near;
Some from far;
Some from others;
Some from you.
Some from enemies;
Some from friends;
Some from people you know;
Some from people you do not know;
Some from the closest people to you;
But whatever their source,
They can discourage;
And make you give up your fight to succeed;
You have to be strong and clear them off;
When you stand tall to them, they will vanish;
Let them know nobody can stand on your way
Whoever they are; whatever they do;
That you can do anything you want to do;
Go anywhere you want to go;
And though your success may be delayed,
It can never be stopped,
Unless you accept that it happens so.


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