Sweet wounds of love

Randy’s sweet heart betrayed him and broke his heart. He had trusted her with all his heart. They were neck-deep in love, he thought.

One day, he got up to find he had no wife. She was no longer there for him. Without a word, she had flown off with his best friend. Only two days later did she send word telling him not to wait for him as he was already on a honey moon with his best friend.

This was too much for Randy. He collapsed; and when he became conscious he was in a hospital bed. It took him quite a while to come back to himself.

Randy narrates this story beautifully in a thrilling novel, SWEET WOUNDS OF LOVE which has earned for Randy a place in the Hall of fame. The betrayal turned out to be sweet betrayal after all. The wounds of love, sweet wounds of love. From a bottomless pit into which he was falling he rose to the pinnacle of fame.

We can always turn our disappointments into wonderful blessings.


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