I always get confused with a quote called “Life is short!” When life is short,why do everyone expect things to be forever?forever relationships,forever job,forever friends,everything they need to be forever! Some people like things to be short&sweet, whereas some likes things to be long&forever.

As per my opinion when life is short,then even certain things shoud be short,but also sweet! First things are always sweet ,let it might be first gift from dad,first love,first kiss..whatever it might be those are always sweet,but some people forget the sweetness in order to make those short things as long&forever. When we crave for long&forever relationship we can’t enjoy the essence in it at present.Not always short&sweet works ,but in certain things when life turns up and down you shouldn’t wait for the long and forever things,we should just accept the life as it comes and enjoy the little sweet things it furnish.

One cannot control or predict the destiny,so why to waste time by worrying about things to happen? when it’s meant for you,it will obviously come to you,no matter how many hurdles you cross in the path! So enjoy the little sweet things ,the real happiness is not searching and craving for large and long things which are no where around you ,it’s all about accepting the petty things which surrounds you and enjoying them!!