Smooth transition

To end 2016, I was in my Church for thanksgiving. I joined my Parishioners at a Thanksgiving Mass. We all prayed and thanked God for the blessings and even the challenges of 2016 which were all put on our path for our good. We then prayed for a happy, and prosperous New Year.

My spouse and I got back home and stayed up till it was 2017. We greeted the New Year with prayers that God may make it a good one for us, our family and the whole world.

We listened to all the fireworks that greeted the New Year from all parts of the city.

At 5 a.m., we were up; and at 6, we were again in Church to thank God for making us see the new year and to pray for New Year blessings.

During the Homily (sermon) the message of Pope Francis to the people of God was read. It was a lovely message that centered on peace and non-violence. He called for nonviolence in homes, communities, countries and the world and exhorted all to seek solutions to conflicts through peaceful means.

Our kids later took their turn to go to Church.

Take a look at the agenda of our celebration:
– Church;
-A common meal;
-A common drink;
A smooth transition, isn’t it? If you don’t mind it, let me have a hint of yours.

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