Gold medal for you

I see people who aim for the silver or bronze medals of life. Nothing wrong with that; but what of the gold? Who is it for? It is for you.

Today, somewhere in the world, someone will win a gold medal in one way or the other. Why can’t that be you? Start out early for your gold medal and stay ahead till you win it.

If you are running a race, at the very beginning, fight to get ahead of the pack. Once you achieve that, fight hard again to stay ahead. Don’t give room to anyone to overtake you.

We often see people who shoot ahead at the start of a race and continue for a while, giving the impression that they would carry the day, but soon another runner catches up with them, beats them, to become the winner. A golden opportunity is lost.

How do we explain this?

Easy! Being ahead, the man is tempted to take victory for granted, and does not fight as hard as he can. On the other hand, the one behind knows that if he does not put up a dog fight he will not be the first. Hence he fights to the last bit of his energy. The result: he overtakes the one ahead of him.

The trick, therefore, is to fight to get ahead at the very start, and while ahead, run as if you were fighting to crack some hard nut to crack ahead of you. Take nothing for granted. Know that the people behind you are fighting twice as hard to beat you and carry home the golden crown.


4 thoughts on “Gold medal for you

  1. This happened to me last year with my school exams. I was doing really good throughout the year until I was simply too comfortable – so when it became time to study for the exams I neglected the process, and I’m going to admit that I did not do good at all. This is really cool advice, I’m going to try my best to actually follow it this year 🙂

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