Better not to love

My love has hit a wall
And bounced back to me;
It has hit me so hard
It pains as nothing I ever knew;
My eyes are still raining
Out its content,
And it’s now hitting a rock;
I see it shattering
To pieces too tiny to gather;
Has anybody had this experience?
Better not to love
Than to know such love;
To love
And have your love
Shattered on a rock.
If we are going for love,
Let’s go in for love;
Where two become one;
In body and soul;
Not fake love that soon
Shatters on a rock .


4 thoughts on “Better not to love

  1. Honestly to find a true love is difficult.. but when you find its a bliss. So why to find love only in person, why not find love in what we do.. love those who will not shatter us.. love our own self.. where our mind and body is one..

    But not having love.. it hurts.. it truly does..

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