Men and women together

How do you think the world would have been if more women than men had been in leadership positions? Would the world have been better or worse?

Some people hold that the world would have been better; at least not as chaotic as it is at the moment. Some say it would have been worse.

This is mere speculation. The reality is that the world today is a men’s world, controlled by men; dominated by men; ruled by men. Yes! Men call the shots; and women do not have enough possibilities to make their own contribution to build or shape the world.

This is definitely not correct. Humanity gets it wrong when women are pushed behind or put aside. This deprives the world of a significant fraction of its potential and strength.

God created man and woman to work together for their welfare and that of the world. Why then should women not have the chance to make their own contribution as they are capable of?

We owe the duty to make the world a place where men and women work together as equal partners. When husband and wife work together as equal partners in love for their welfare and the welfare of the family, they are happy and achieve much more for the family. Compare this with families where the woman has no voice.

Women should have a voice. We had hoped that a woman, in the person of Hillary Clinton, would occupy the most powerful elected post in the world as the president of the United States of America and the mindset that places men on top and women below would be broken. It did not happen. Yet, nothing is lost. The best is still ahead.


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