I am tempted to tell her

I am tempted to tell her I love her,
Though she belongs to another
And I to another;
But I am tempted to pour
Out the emotions
Gushing up in my heart for her;
Should I or should I not?
That is the question that is hitting
The door of my heart
So hard
I fear it may break;
I am tempted to tell her
I shiver with love
When I think of her;
Just looking at her
Is like the sweetest thing
I have ever tasted;
I am tempted to tell her in my sleep
I dream of her;
And I hold her tight to me;
And never get tired of pressing her
On my burning chest;
I am tempted to ask her to send me
A kiss
Beautifully wrapped in words to cool
This fire of love burning so violently
In me for her;
Should I fall into this temptation?
Advise me;
I am so mad about her
I can’t think properly to advise myself.

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