A Peak Into Pink Fleur’s 2017 Look Book

Happy new year guys! Pink Fleur is a brand that I absolutely love and I hope you will love them also. If you are interested in simple elegance in women’s wear, then you should check them out.

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This is the first blog post of the year and I could not be more excited! Who knew 2016 would pass by so quickly? And what better way to start the new year than with a pop of color? That and MORE is what Pink Fleur is offering with their 2017 womenswear Look Book. Ready to dive in?


Pink Fleur’s 2017 Look Book, entitled Blossom, was inspired by the structure of flowers and the manner in which they, well, blossom. Judging from the flowy fabrics and bright monochromes used in the designs, I believe the color and texture of flowers were also an influence. Pink Fleur used 3D flowers made from the most delicate textiles to create a certain uniqueness to all the pieces.

So what kind of woman is this collection intended for?

The blossom lady is feminine and elegant. She isn’t scared to think outside the box, she is colorful and…

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