Let me explain to you the category of women you’re about to place me in. 
Upon meeting me, you’re going to notice my calm nature. You’re not going to know how to take it at first, but eventually you’ll start to feel comfortable. So much to the point where you’ll tell me things that you wouldn’t normally tell a woman about yourself. 

A calm demeanor is easy to talk to and get along with. Just real down to earth. It’s not that I’m being someone I’m not, its just simple suits me better and soothes my mind. That’s when I get to know about the girl of your past. The one that’s truly in your heart. I understand pain, so I’ll try to swoop in and save you. I’ll fall hard and fast. I’ll do and be everything she wasn’t, just to make sure this love lasts. I’m the woman you’d want to be with, but she can’t seem to compete with the one that came before her. The woman in your heart. She has a higher throne than me you see, and although I want to be your Queen, there is not enough room in the kingdom to be ruled by three. 

It’s a blessing and curse honestly. The blessing being able to understand a man. To strive to be his best friend, to shoot straight for his heart and want so badly to earn his trust. The curse, when my heart seems to be the only one in motion. Getting caught up in this ocean of confusion as a new woman in me takes over and you call her “crazy”. I allow you to be free, but still place you under my wing when you can’t bear to fly any further. I allow you to come back to me. I am The In-Between. 

Then, your feelings appear. It is then that you start to understand what your heart is about to do. The thing is, you don’t want to, move on that is, but still, you let me nurture you while you give me the air that I need to breathe. Then all of a sudden, you knock the oxygen right out of me as you think of her, and you think of me. Unfortunately, I can never compete. 

If only you knew the pain I don’t show you. As I fall into this dark hole. If you knew the tears I cry as I pick myself up, and dust myself off with a new smile moving on to the next hurt soul. Searching, searching, searching for the next wounded heart to mend hoping that one day he’ll mend mine too. They say good guys finish last and truly they do, but oh the deathly feeling, of the good girl allowing herself to be misused. 


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