Grow up in your thinking

There are grown ups who think like children and children who think like adults. Since our actions follow our thoughts, the adults who think like children act also like children. The children who think like adults act like adults as well.

If you are an adult, beware of thinking like a child! And if you are a child, I encourage you to start thinking like an adult. This means you must think maturely.

You think maturely when you look at a situation from all its angles.

Mature thinking is good for you. It will help you achieve many of your-life goals. You will enjoy the support of many of the people around you and that will make you great.


4 thoughts on “Grow up in your thinking

  1. Is it not good to be childlike sometime???? coz the inner child makes us happy.. help us smile on tough situations sometimes (maybe), coz a child does not know what is tough and what is easy.. There should be child alive in every heart..

    But yes I would also like to add that one should always know when to bring that child out and when to behave like an adult.

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