In tears for love

Why are you doing this to me?
Why are you pushing me to the wall?
Why have you changed your ways
Towards me?
What have I done to get this from you?
You loved me or so you told me;
And I loved you;
Why do you want that love to turn to hate?
Do you want us to hate or love each other?
Where is that loving heart of yours?
I ask these questions because
I can’t believe what I see;
I can’t believe where I see us heading to;
I see us heading at top speed
To the edge of a precipice;
And I see both of us shattered to pieces
At the bottom of the deep valley below.
Couldn’t we avert such shameful disaster?
Can’t our love and our lives be saved?
My heart bleeds;
The ball is on your side of the court.


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