International Friends Blogging Forum

Success Inspirers’ World is an International Friends Blogging Forum. Be an author publishing on International Friends Blogging Forum.

We started transforming Success Inspirers’ World into an International Friendship Blogging Forum on October 14, 2015. Can you believe where we are today?

As the great African leader Kwame Nkrumah once said, “Great things sometimes have very humble beginnings.”

We are driven by a passion to serve others. That is what moved us to conceive this idea which is taking an amazing dimension. We have over sixty authors publishing here from all parts of the world bound by a spirit of unity, love and solidarity. We are thus, in our own way, bringing the world together into one family, breaking all barriers.

Our dream is to keep on growing. The world is large. If you are not yet part of this dream, we pray you to join us and be an author in this forum. And if you cannot join us, please, please, support us in prayers. We need all support. We cannot do it by ourselves.

Those who wish to be part of this dream, please, send us your email and we’ll invite you.
Be an author of International Friends Blogging Forum.


6 thoughts on “International Friends Blogging Forum

  1. As a suggestion: might this text eventually be helpful also on the ‘About Us’ page of this website? Especially the part ‘Those who wish to be part of this dream, please, send us your email and we’ll invite you.’ – to me this seems to be an information that is very important for visitors / potential team members of this site.


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