Solidarity Bloggers’ Award

Hi everybody! It is a joy for me to announce to you that a Solidarity Bloggers’ Award has been created. We are honored to announce the first winners of this award. logoGreetings to all our international friends!

Solidarity blogging is team work. We blog with others as a team. No one fights and wins a war alone. Together we are stronger and better. Together we achieve more. Together we go further. A football match is won when the players fight as a team. This is what Solidarity blogging is all about.

QUESTION: To you, is Solidarity blogging worthwhile?


55 thoughts on “Solidarity Bloggers’ Award

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  2. IMHO, it’s a lovely idea. We write for whatever reason, and it’s nice when someone reads our efforts. Nicer when someone ‘likes’ it, and even better when comments are applied.The blogging community is expansive, for some their only contact with the outside world, providing a selection of friends and comrades who share a common theme of communication, support and care.You are never alone, nor do you feel isolated.

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  17. I hadn’t heard of this until a blogging friend nominated me for one of the awards. I was rather surprised to be honored with it, but I think it’s a lovely idea and one that blogger puts into practice on WordPress, which is where a group of great people blog. Commendable idea sir. And a very good thing for providing a way to socially interact that doesn’t involve highlighting differences, but rather embraces how a community can grow out of social media.

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  24. I believe Solidarity blogging is a brilliant initiative at building team spirit and bringing together all the talented bloggers… It is a great forum!

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  28. Solidarity blogging is a superb idea because ultimately each artist wants his work to reach as many people as possible and it is only possible through this.Moreover I am getting to learn so much that I was earlier unaware about for example different forms of art and so many psychological issues.Connecting with similar minds through solidarity blogging is always a source of joy for me!Thanks for such an innovative concept that allows each one to grow beautifully while learning!:)

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