Lovely Solidarity Blogger Award

At Success Inspirers’ World, we reached a new level in January with the launch of the Lovely Solidarity Blogger Award. Here is how it went: “The first nominees for the Solidarity Blogger’s Award are here. How delighted to have this award to honor our sweet Solidarity Bloggers!logo

The following are the pioneer nominees for this lovely award:
1. Atrangizindagieksafar
2. Amulya_writes
3. Sprinkle of thoughts
5. Journeying Through My Thoughts
6. Erika Kind
7. Hunt’s Club House
8. WordPress67675
9. Let it be beautiful
10. 999 roses in my life
11. Living Out Loud
12. Tanya Cliff
13. The Beauty Mommy
14. Pure Glory
15. Violet’s Vega*n e-comics

The rues:
1. Write a post on your blog thanking the person who nominated you.
2. Paste the award in the post.
3. Provide a link to the blog of the person who nominated you.
4. Tell Success Inspirers’ World, SIWO what you think about solidarity blogging. Is it worthwhile?
5. Nominate 10 bloggers for the award and inform them.

Happy blogging to all!
N.B. Because of the internet problem in my city for three months, this award suffered. We are happy to inform all our lovely friends the revival of this award.

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23 thoughts on “Lovely Solidarity Blogger Award

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  2. Thank you 😊 with honoring Pure Glory at with the Lovely Soldidarity Blogger Award. Your kindness in giving the award is appreciated. However, we are an a award free blog. Abundant blessings to you!

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  5. Thank you.💝Love solidarity.Love this blog to.My vote goes to
    Sprinkle of thoughts and Atrangizindagieksafar
    Love to you.I would like to see some project on this blog,on which one we can join and show our solidarity.
    Check my post ^Join to this specific project^
    Vote for my blog😂

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