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Overcoming Insanity Supernaturally. The Harvest In My Soul. LIFE & STRENGTH. Survival. This Is Your Home Page!

I have a unique & innovative approach to mental insanity. I am attempting to optimize I want it to be a productive site for all concerned with Mental Insanity. Thus, the new title & content for the Home page.

“In the journey of your life in My Presence I have implanted My written words within you to produce LIFE & STRENGTH to live accordingly to My will and desire for you to live by! LIFE & STRENGTH to live the life that you are now experiencing is the HARVEST and the most valuable product that you have to offer in this BOOK to My children.” said

Father Yah to thiaBasilia.

A Post I Must Remember …Welcome To Join In The Restoration Of Our Beings. PREPOSTEROUS request? Nay! Trust the Almighty Creator. It’s His plan not mine!


So? I am running the risk of losing my credibility with this outlandish request for action but! I am only following the lead from the Master of my being. I have no doubt in my mind or heart that I am submitting to. With me, perhaps with some of you? Such request is bogus, but! I am not living by my or any other human mind or heart. My passionate trust is for the Almighty, Loving Father/Creator, Redeemer of my being. With Him? All things are possible and above.

So? Who will be the first to order 100 or more copies of Overcoming Supernaturally for non-commercial purposes?

Buy 1 personal copy of Overcoming Supernaturally. Read it. Challenge—Buy 100 (One Hundred) copies. Spread the Power of Love from on High among your family, friends, business associates. Use copies to raise funds for the cause of your choice. Return is Priceless. Guaranteed! Together we can make a difference!

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at 4:47 am

Well, what is time for me? Eternal as it is for my Father! I simply could not go to sleep. My task supersedes all. Sleep. Food. Clothing. Time management. Goals. All ‘importants’ in this world? They have ceased to be important to me. That does not mean that I live amidst without a list. It does not mean I do not care in the least. It DOES mean I super care. In the list of this world’s slavery, I am free, that’s me! Enter my miraculous world of wonders.

What to expect? A unique journal of intriguing conversations. Negative & positive confessions. All details of the planting of the Seed to generate other seeds. One by one the harvesting in my soul is taking place right in front of my face.

LIFE & STRENGTH is sprouting! Hope is in our hearts. Amid the successes revelry, pausing. Reflecting. Behold! The sprouting of the Seed. Multitudes in the valley of decision running for derision. Behold! My Power Of Love From On High Descending Upon You All. It Never Fails. It Always Avails! Home My Prodigal Son! The Creator whispers in my ears! O joyful tears!

His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.