Come Guest Post For Me!

Now accepting guest posts through Valentine’s Day!

The Boundless Agenda

What do you do when you’re burnt out but love the power of words? You share other people’s!

This is an open call for guest posters that’s good until Valentine’s Day. I usually post once a day so, counting from tomorrow, I can accept up to 10 guest posts. 

For those of you lovelies who haven’t Followed my blog for as long, or are seeing it for the first time, I blog about mental health, human potentialphilosophy, and DIY crafts. Sometimes I put out angsty love poems as well. 😉

Anything that falls under those categories is welcome; it’s fine if you’ve posted it on your own blog before as well. If your idea doesn’t exactly fit the categories I listed, I encourage you to reach out anyway because I may be able to make it work. Unless it’s anything beauty and/or make-up related…

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