Song ‘Lebensgeschichte – Story Of Life’ (audio & lyrics)

Michel Montecrossa’s tender bilingual German-English Cyberschlager Song ‘Lebensgeschichte – Story Of Life’ – read the complete song lyrics on the Michel Montecrossa Blog here

The song is part of his ‘Lebensgeschichte – Story Of Life’ Concert album that you can read about here and download here from the Mirapuri-Shop

Lebensgeschichte – Story Of Life

Lebensgeschichte –
Story of Life.
Lebensgeschichte –
Story of Love.

Is it your love or is it mine
that’s waitin’ to be satisfied?
Is it your dream or is it mine
that we are dreamin’ at the same time?

Read the complete song lyrics in this blog post here

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Lebensgeschichte - Story Of Life Concert


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