Don’t give up now.

sprinkle of thoughts

Mine Of Effort (never Give Up)

Hey lovely people, I know I’ve been missing in action but school resumed and I just had to get some few things done. It’s been 3 weeks into the new academic year and honestly, I’ve been boosted up right from day 1. I have been apprehending this semester because it determines alot for me and I had lists of dos and don’ts for my classes and schedules. I just didn’t want to leave any stone unturned but the greatest key to my success so far, is my mind.

I had to let go of what had happened, not like it never happened but not putting all my energy into my past mistakes. Renewing my mentality, knowing nothing is impossible, definitely asking for help whenever I needed some and keeping positive thoughts. It all starts with your mind; motivate yourself but most importantly, never stop believing in yourself. Every day I…

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